The Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe emerged from the Zimbabwe Traffic Safety Board which originated from a voluntary organization composed of area associations in Harare (then Salisbury), Bulawayo, Gweru (then Gwelo) and Mutare ( then Umtali). These area associations were formed voluntarily by citizens who were concerned about the severity of accidents occurring on the roads in Zimbabwe and the resultant loss of life,injury and loss of property.

It was born out of the need to plan and implement educational programmes in order to improve the population’s road safety awareness. The board was put in place to control and manage road Traffic Safety programmes under the Chairmanship of the secretary for transport and energy as the responsible authority.

To become the regional leader in continuously reducing deaths, injury and property damage caused by road traffic crashes.

To promote road traffic safety through safety education, training, publicity and research in co-operation with other stakeholders.

A) Honesty

B) Service excellence

C) A learning organisation

D) Team work

E) Integrity