By the end of the five – day training the students should be able to:

  • Pass the set theory and practical examination by at least 80%.
  • Instruct trainee drivers to obtain provisional driving licenses and certificates of competence.
  • Outline VID /VED’s processes and procedures for the issuing of provisional driving licenses and certificates of competence.
  • Interpret and explain the Road Traffic (Driving School) Regulations as enshrined in S.I. 309 of 1985 in respect of registration and operation of driving schools in Zimbabwe.
  • Demonstrate a mastery of the knowledge and information contained in the Student Driver’s Handbook.
  • Demonstrate basic principles and practices of teaching and learning such as (a) starting from the known to the unknown, simple to the complex and modularization. (b) Develop lesson plans accordingly and developing the whole student by cultivating (c) the 3 main domains of learning namely the cognitive, the psycho-motor and the affective.
  • Demonstrate Knowledge, Skills, Attitude and Demeanour archetypical of a Driving School Instructor.
  • Understand and appreciate Zimbabwe’s road traffic rules and regulations as outlined in the Highway Code.
  • Demonstrate effective road craft when operating and motor vehicle.
  • Appreciate current trends in the motoring sector in Zimbabwe in particular and the global village at large. Such trends include congestion due to increasing volumes of vehicles, intersection driving in congested large cities, the national road safety policy and the engineering and re-engineering of our major roads


    • Zimbabwe Traffic Rules and Regulations (3 periods)
    • Basic principles and theories of learning (1 period)
    • The national road safety policy (1 period)
    • Road craft theory – the system of car control, its features and application (3periods)
    • Driving in Zimbabwe and beyond – Practical applications and Implications (road craft practicals) (whole day) (8 periods)
    • Registration and operation of a Driving School (4 periods)
    • The processes and procedures of acquiring a provisional driving license and certificate of competence at VID/VED (1 period)
    • Driving lesson planning and execution. (1 period)
    • The Student Driver’s Handbook and the Instructor (3 periods)
    • Qualities of an effective driving instructor (2 periods)
    • Processes and procedures of Vehicle Inspection (1 period)
    • The 9 systems of a motor vehicle and driving school (1 period)
    • Code of ethics for driving schools Instructors (1 period)

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Have at least three (3) O’Level subjects one of which should be a language recognized in Zimbabwe.
  • Show evidence of having written English Language exam at O’Level and obtained any grade.
  • Have a clean relevant (classes 4, 2, or 1) driver’s license with at least (4) years continuous driving experience.
  • Be at least 21 years old.
  • Have a police clearance (criminal record check) that is not older than thirty (30) days. This record / certificate must certify that the applicant has not been convicted of any traffic offence within one year prior to the date of registration.
  • Have a medical certificate issued by an approved medical doctor that is not older than thirty (30) days.
  • Pass a road craft competence pre-requisite entry practical exam by at least 80%.
  • Bring to the course the S.I. 309 of 1985; the Highway Code and the Student Driver’s Handbook (Green Book). The last two road safety literature texts must have been bought from Council.

N.B Applicants who fail the examination may re-take the exam any time once every thirty (30) days upon payment of an additional US$20 for either the theory or practical driving test. If the candidate fails both (practical and theory), he / she must re-take the entire course by following the gazetted requirements.

For full details please download assistant instructor’s course requirements