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Frequently Asked Questions

Metal Disk Licence Holders : US $45 (or equivalent ZWL)

Blue Copy Licence Holders : US $35 ( or equivalent ZWL)

Defensive Driving is driving to prevent road crashes in spite of incorrect actions of others and the presence of adverse driving conditions.  To become a better driver train in Defensive Driving Course today. It is a two day course that is split into four sessions per day.

It is a two day course (5hrs/day) that is split into four sessions per day. Sessions covered in this course include :

1. Preventable or Not Preventable

2. How to avoid an accident with the vehicle ahead

3. How to avoid a collision with the vehicle behind

4. How to avoid a collision with an oncoming vehicle

5. How to avoid an intersection collision

6. The art of overtaking and being overtaken

7. The mystery crash

8. How to avoid other common types of collisions

Head Office : 4 Park Street, Harare
+263 242 751203/8

Harare Office : 37 John Landa Nkomo
+263 242-703439 / 705735

Chinhoyi Office : 37 John Landa Nkomo
+263 242-703439 / 705735

Masvingo Office : 515 Greeenfield Street
+263 392 262 423

Mutare Office : 90 Third Street
+263 2020 62531

Chitungwiza Office :
Office No. 48, South Mall Chitungwiza Town Centre.
+263 242 724401

Gweru Office : 77 Seventh Street
+263 542 223 988

Bulawayo Office : No. 12 Forth Street Between Connaught St & M. Ndlovu Ave
+263 292 266107 / 2881 167

Harare TTC : 86 The Chase Mt Pleasant, Harare
+263 242 303983

Bulawayo TTC : North Park TTC
4th Ave Extension, Opposite
The Bulawayo Bowling Club
Hume Park
+263 292 266107 / 2881

At any of our branches nation wide.

Driving School Instructor's Course

Highway Code

Student Driver Handbook (Green Book)

Children's Highway Guide

Vision Testing

Driver Assessment

Road Safety Education

  • Suitable premise with a floor space of at least 14 square metres
  • Certified driving school Instructors documents ( Drivers Licence, DDC, Instructors Certificate)
  • All driving school vehicles should have certificates of fitness issued by the Vehicle Inspectorate Department and a valid insurance cover that has a learner's liability
  • Each vehicle used for driving instruction should at least be fitted with an additional adjustable internal rear view mirror, a centre hand brake and an additional brake pedal on the front passengers side
  • Certificate of incorporation - in case of a company
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association - in case of a company
  • Partnership Agreement - in case of a Partnership Registration
  • Valid ZIMRA Tax Clearance
  • Bank statement or a letter from an approved guarantor
  • Chalkboard or Whiteboard
  • Stationery ( A4 Hard cover book for student register, A5  Exercise book for vehicle register, A5 Exercise book for instructor`s register)

The Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe emerged from the Zimbabwe Traffic Safety Board which originated from a voluntary organisation composed of area associations in Harare (then Salisbury), Bulawayo, Gweru (then Gwelo) and Mutare (then Umtali).

(Sat - Thursday)
(10am - 05 pm)

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